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Therapy in English

Tamás Halmai

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Beside the private practice, I have been working at a psychiatry department for years where I encounter a variety of psychological problems. I started my psychotherapeutic work 11 years ago with cancer patients and the bereaved and have since continued it in a private practice.

In case you feel you need help in

– fitting in and adjusting to a new environment

– cultural differences

– anxiety or mood swings

– difficulties in relationships

– other emotional problems you feel you are stuck with

this is the place to come to.

Even when abroad, it is important to have a safe place where difficult, even painful feelings may be discussed and shared in your mother tongue.  Following the approach of positive psychology, we make use of existing personal strengths and possibilities. Through confronting and acknowledging past grievances we develop and encourage new, more favourable behaviours and attitudes. This way we can establish a more realistic image of ourselves, set new goals and improve our relationships.

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